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ST09 and STID blows TMP out of the water. There are so many better TOS TV shows than the TMP even. Every single Star Trek TV series has better single TV episodes than TMP.
Precisely what I was told almost weekly throughout 1980. But I had only been exposed to random eps of TAS and a few eps of TOS in the 70s, a fascinating series of "from the set of TMP" newspaper articles in the week leading up to the premiere of TMP, and reading the novelization. I was totally captivated by TMP and no film ever since has so overwhelmed me.

TMP is a TV episode of the TOS nothing more, nothing special as it should have been, as it could have been.
I probably helps never to have seen "The Changeling" before seeing TMP. But TMP's also a "reunion movie", in the tradition of often very kitsch shows such as "Rescue from Gilligan's Island" and "A Very Brady Christmas". Goldsmith's music was beautiful! The trip around the Enterprise in drydock was amazing for me, as a newbie; I can only imagine some ten-year veteran fans being delirious by such generosity of screentime.

But yeah, coming out of the cinema from my first viewing of TMP (alone), ST 2009 (with a friend who'd also found Trek via TMP) and to a slightly lesser extent STiD (several TrekBBS members), I had that similar feeling of deep, personal satisfaction that I never got from ST II or ST IV, as popular as those films remain.
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