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Re: Return to the Dollhouse

Dollhouse is really underrated. I think that Buffy is by far the best thing Joss has ever done, but Dollhouse is on par with his other TV shows. I think I may like it better than Firefly (although I do like Firefly; its first and only season was certainly stronger than the first seasons of any of the other Joss' shows; I don't think it was the best show ever, but maybe it could've been if it continued. Or not, who knows).

I disagree about Ghost being a good pilot, though. The first time I saw it, it didn't make me terribly interested in the show. It was only when I decided to give the show a second chance and watched the unaired pilot Echo that I was hooked. But since you're already hooked, I don't recommend watching Echo until you've seen the entire season 1. It's great, but it spoils almost a season's worth of storylines. They re-used quite a few scenes in later episodes.

The quality of the show rises significantly mid-way through season 1, from the episode Man on the Street. The season finale Epitaph One is one of the most awesome episodes with Joss' name on it (although he's just credited for writing the story). Season 2 is pretty great and delves more into the Science Fiction of it all rather than the "assignment of the week".

I never had a problem with Echo or Eliza Dushku, in fact, I quite liked her, and I agree with your assessment of Echo. Eliza was criticized for not disappearing into Echo's different personalities the way Victor and Sierra did, but I thought that worked well, because Echo is not supposed to be disappearing completely, she somehow retains a part of her own personality (I don't think that's a spoiler, since it was hinted strongly at the end of Target - IIRC which episode it was).

To the others in this thread: maybe we shouldn't be talking about the existence of certain twists, these can be considered spoilers (even if you don't say what it is, DigificWriter will know that there is a twist involving a specific character).
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