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Re: New Star Wars animated show "Rebels" coming fall 2014

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An Ahsoka vs Vader duel has to be in the cards down the road for this series.
Yeah, that needs to happen. Definitely.
You want her dead?
No, I for one don't.

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I'm still kinda hoping Ahsoka gets frozen in carbonite and hidden away long to be defrosted in time for Episode VII...

Seriously though, I'd be disappointed if they choose to just have Vader end up hunting her down and killing her. The way they left it with her leaving the order really leaves the door open to some interesting opportunities. There are (I assume) plenty of familiar faces that survived Order 66 who could pop up and face off against Vader.
I'm kind of hoping she will just get a little screen time setting up how she survived Vaders purge, allowing her to turn up as an older live action character in the new trilogy. They really will need more Force users. The same goes for Ventress.

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Well, it's not too tricky really. The SW galaxy is wide and big enough that a teenage Corellian, a shaggy-haired blonde kid living at a remote moisture farm on Tatooine and the adopted daughter of Alderaan royalty shouldn't be running into nor know one another before they're supposed to in A New Hope.
Nice. Well said!
Actually I'm hoping for lots of Leia and none of Luke........There's so much potential for Leia! Maybe as a child she started helping her pop out with running info for the rebels. I expect to see lots of excitement on board the Tantive IV.

Not sure about Han... if they plan to do standalones based on him at some particular age then maybe he doesn't really have a place in this series... who knows?

What will likely end up happening is an all new cast of characters with some familiar faces sprinkled in here and there for good measure.
Han has a lot of potential for adventures, Leia only slightly less so. I don't think either will be the main or even regular characters though.

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Yeah, the whole reason Luke wanted to get off Tatooine in the FIRST place was because it was so dead and lifeless there. So you can't have him getting in a whole bunch of fun, thrill-packed adventures beforehand.

Unless you count bullseying womprats in his T-16, of course (which I'm guessing Disney probably wouldn't consider very kid-friendly behavior anyway).
That's pretty much ALL I want to see Luke doing, apart from hanging out with Biggs, Camie and Fixer at Tosche station...

Wouldn't it be great if the last few scenes of this series were an animation of the deleted scenes from the start of what became known as 'A New Hope' ?
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