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By "better storytellers," you mean Nick Meyer--the guy who "re-imagined" Melville, Dickens, and Shakespeare.
It's not an original concept that is most important. It's the skill in execution.

JJ's reliance on secrecy as the be-all-end-all is kind of like another bad filmmaker (M. Night Shyamalan). It's not the destination that matters, but the journey. Otherwise something like Wrath of Khan would be enjoyable only once, so you can be shocked when they kill off Spock.

To me, action set-pieces like Kirk flying his Falcon-ripoff through Kronos as if it's the Death Star in ROTJ--it's just dull rote action. Barrel roles and SW-style one-liners in the cockpit about not being able to fit through cracks. The build-up of the Reliant's surprise attack and the cat-and-mouse that leads to cracking the security codes and lowering Khan's shields "here it comes" complete with Horner's perfectly synced soundtrack--that is sooo much more entertaining.
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