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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

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The competition this weekend is insane. It's unusual to have two big movies with so much demographic overlap being released on the same weekend. Usually one of the studios would have blinked and moved to a different release date.

Yes, but the demographics arent really the same as ST demos, so it will have it's niche. As I said earlier if STID does $40 million or so, and probably $43-47 for the 4 days, it will be doing just fine, and probably still on track for $250 million.

The demographic models will probably be very similar to last weekend with the movie skewing older (under 25 are split by Hangover and FF6) and predominantly male (again younger males are more likely to go to Hangover and FF6). Actually I think the film holds up quite well.

Frankly think Guru is smoking crack, and there are many times his projections are waaaaaaayyyyy off. Again I suspect Trek brings in close to $40 million over the 3 day (probably $37) and ultimately $46 for the four day weekend putting it's total at $156 going into its second week of release. Trek is then in a very good place as it will be pretty much the only genre film in release until June 14th(not expecting much from After Earth).

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