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I have heard that, while it's #1 at the box office this week, it made $20 million less than hoped, and the word "disappointment" is being used by some in the industry.

If no Star Trek 3 is made, I wonder what this couldnother mean for the future of Star Trek? I mean, I expect to see someone try to revive it again...someday...but not for a decade or more, and probably a total and complete reboot this time. (But then again, I could be wrong...the people in charge then could decide to return to the "Prime Universe", who know...but I doubt it.)
There will be a Star Trek 3 it's already received a 'soft' green light. The studio has already stated they want a Star Trek movie out in 2016 to mark the 50th anniversary of TOS. The movie is not a flop! In fact, the original estimate by Paramount up to three weeks ago was $80-$85M domestic. The change to $100M came after the last minute decision to move the opening date. The other thing working in STID's favor is the fact it's doing great business internationally.

What I will say about the next movie will that it will likely have a lower budget (i've already heard whispers of the $120 to the $140 range), there will be a desire by Paramount to try and make it appeal to younger audiences and I also have the feeling their maybe a new director.
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