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Re: First World Problems

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I bought a new laser printer last week because I'm tired of buying inkjet cartidges that cost half what the printer itself cost just to print a damn baseball game ticket or grocery coupon every now and then. It works perfectly, but the damn power light is this blue LED that has lights up the entire corner of the apartment, and being a studio apartment, that makes sleeping rather difficult. So when I turn off my computer at night I also turn off the printer and then turn it back on when I need it. Sure, it probably saves on electricity but geez, what an inconvenience.
I have a WD hard drive that has an array of bright white lights on the front of it that dance up and down all night like it's frackin' Christmas. The thing takes about a minute to shut down and nearly five minutes to boot up (and sometimes multiple tries to boot up), so I printed a dark purple rectangle on a transparency sheet and taped it over the lights. Worked great.
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