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Re: Warp Core Prototype

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Nah, ..I'd still say it's not a warp core.
It's like saying it's a warp core, if you put 2 chemicals in a test tube and you gain enough electricity to feed a LED.

Still, fusion is pretty impressive. And it is much more like the method used for impulse engines ... like someone already mentioned.
Except this is being used for electricity generation, not for thrust. In fact that's one of the things that Star Trek has almost entirely ass-backwards in terms of technology usage: fusion is a very efficient way of producing electricity while antimatter is a very efficient way of producing thrust.

I'd venture a guess that if a "real" starship was ever built, it's more likely they'd use antimatter for the sublight drive and power the FTL engine with a fusion reactor.
But that's not how it works at all. A/M-A is used to produce electricity, as well! But a lot more power is created, than a fusion device could. The electricity then goes from the warp core to the plasma conduit. The plasma here works like a wire that transports current. But because of the vast amounts of energy you want to transport, no metal wire could hold or transport that power. The plasma on the other hand is already in electrical flux (because of its nature). But with plasma you can (theoretically) transport electricity very fast in large amounts. This is needed because the warp nacelles need large amounts of electricity very fast to create the warp field around the ship. This warp field ---warps--- the space in front of the ship and behind it. This way the ship transport itself and the nearby space without accelerating at all!

Now,... Fusion.
Classical approaches for hot fusion use plasma that gets accelerated by advanced magnet forces (-fields). Hereby the plasma gets crushed against it self (or another accelerated plasma) to violently create fusion.
And all this seems to be the case here.

But neither fusion nor A/M-A are used for thrust. .... ^^ except you want to treat this stuff like a combustion engine.

Still : Hot topic!

As far as I understand, the fusion devices for the impulse engine are also just used to generate electricity. The electricity would then power the ... plasma thrust ... casimir engine... infinite improbability drive ... seriously, nobody really knows how the thrust of the impulse engine in Star Trek works.

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