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Re: Intrepid Updates

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Another Good episode! A few minor complaints that I'm sure you've already heard but I'll mention anyway just in case no one else has:
Than you, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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1. I though Captain Picard was a little unprofessional. i like that the events from the pilot were revisited but it seemed a little exaggerated the conflict between Hunter and Picard.
Yeah I tend to agree, we did force that aspect a little to make a point, and as a result Picard may have been a bit out of character. We probably could have handled that better.

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2. the Romulan villain's motivations could have been clearer. And why did he have a nervous breakdown at the end?
Picard pretty much outlines Coleb's motivations for us at the end, by telling us "he could have blackmailed the Senate into doing or giving him anything." Coleb was a complete opportunist, out for self gain. He himself says he is "not an academic" and that he "doesn't even like archaeology."

The reasoning for his breakdown is a bit more vague, but I'd argue the very sudden reversal of fortunes he suffered (from the verge of great power, to a common criminal in a cell) could have resulted in such a breakdown. Ultimately, that either works for you or it doesn't.

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3. Your commodore (or was he an admiral) was on board 1 scene and then talking to Hunter via screen later. Did he leave on the shuttle with the XO? That wasn't clear.
The Admiral came aboard from the colony, he returned there when Intrepid shipped out to explore the first Debrune ruin. It was utterly irrelevant to the plot, and I'm not convinced it was something that required any exposition. That said, I think Shelby would have worked better for that comm chat.

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4. the way the XO was written out the episode seemed a little inelegant and forced.
No argument. We discussed that a little in the commentary, and the reason for it.

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1 thing you might have done to give further reason for Picard's presence might have been for him to be mediating some sort of talks bewtween the Romulans and other galactic powers. In dispute at the talks are archaeological rights which the federation are curious as to why the Romulans care a fig about. The Enterprise is hosting the talks so that would be why the Intrepid has to do the investigating.
While I can see where you're coming from here, I think that would have been avery different story. This wasn't a story about governments, this was a much smaller story about individuals. The Romulans had no interest at all, since Coleb was a rogue element working alone. Picard, in his own words, was on vacation, and had essentially gone off in pursuit of Coleb after he murdered the rest of the expedition team. Which is not entirely without precedent.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts. It's always interesting (and fun) to see the different impressions and thoughts, and I hope you find my response of interest, even if you might not agree.
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