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Re: star trek original series blu ray original special effects questio

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Hi I just have a quick question about the star trek original series blu ray seamless branching original option to view the original special effects. I was wondering whether the original effects are in sd, up converted to HD, or are like the effects in the tng remastering where they went back to the original elements.
Actually none of the above.

The entire episodes, with the original FX, are in HD. Unlike with TNG, the completed episode masters are on film, so all that was needed to make the episodes HD was simply to transfer the episodes from film. So, yes, the original FX are, along with the rest of the episodes, in HD. However, also unlike with TNG, the original separate FX elements don't exist. It's only the completed shots with imperfections from 60s limitations that exist. What you see in the DVDs is what you get in HD, just a little clearer. Some of the FX look pretty good in HD, others not so good.

Also I was wondering whether any of the original effects have been cut at all to save time?

It wouldn't have saved any time to cut out the original FX. It actually would have made the transfer to HD unnecessarily complicated, since all they had to do was transfer entire completed episodes from their film masters.
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