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Re: Offiical XBox (3) Launch Thread

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You know, at some point making your customers jump through so many hoops backfires, I hope this is that point for home consoles, we've gone from simply buying the game and putting it in the box to play to a system that will require you to call the mothership and that will decide if you need to pay again for a game disc you have in your hand.

No wonder retro gaming is gaining popularity
Amen to that. And I'll still have my Xbox 360 plugged in until the good red ring of death comes to consume my soul. I wouldn't buy the Xbox One if they paid me to play it (watch TV on it) and then unwillingly post all my achievements into the wretched depths of 'social media'.

billcosby scored 150 points watching Three's Company S03E08.
billcosby scored 150 points watching Three's Company S03E09.
billcosby scored 50 points watching Perfect Strangers Reunion Special.

(sad trumpet noise)

This is laugh out loud material, haven't seen it posted in this thread yet:
Xbox One Reveal Highlights
My 1st Edition TrekCCG virtual expansion:

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