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Re: the ceiling of Kirk`s Bridge - transparent?

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. . . So. Is the top of the bridge (deck 0?) supposed to be transparent? All these years I saw it emitting light as is(are) the filming model(s), but now I wonder, the opening scene in The Menagerie/The Cage shows a camera zoom from space into the bridge, that I always thought was a visual language not to be taken literally, and the "real" exterior would be some kind of device that emits light, like an active sensor antenna or other technobabble.
That was always my take on the "through-the-dome" shot at the beginning of "The Cage." It was meant to give viewers an idea of the size of the ship and the location of the bridge -- not to be taken as a literal transparent ceiling, but more like Superman's X-ray vision.

FJ's blueprints have a sensor platform under the bridge dome and another sensor platform above the saucer's bottom dome.

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. . .I supposed the real set didn't have a ceiling because of lightning equipment and such.
At the time TOS was produced, most movie and TV filming sets didn't have ceilings. With today's smaller and more maneuverable cameras, lower light requirements, and a trend toward greater realism, some sets are built with ceilings, though AFAIK many sets are still completely open at the top for lighting.

Does anyone with experience in the industry have more detailed knowledge of this subject?

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make it one of those materials that can change its transparency based on running an electrical charge through it. Even the densest and strongest materials are still mostly nothing after all. I see no reason for them not to be able to hit a button and turn the whole ship transparent.
That's assuming they would want to.
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