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Re: Revolution - season 1 part 2 -

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Also, how long does it take to drive from Philly to Atlanta.. The timing and distance feels all wrong with this show.
13 hours if you don't stop

On the gas thing - Ricks group, in The Walking Dead not only are able to find gas months/over a year after the zombies show up - but also keep the car clean, and mow the grass at the prison.

These kind of nitpicks don't bug me.

BTW, a little reserach yielded this:

Fuel Stability Foam. Fuel Kleenik is a stability foam which is suspended in the diesel fuel in the tank. It has been developed and tested by Department of Defence and is claimed to keep the fuel stable for up to 10 years. The disadvantages are:
• it does not work where fungus and water are present which is why it is suspended in the fuel.
• its size is 2100mm x 200mm x 200mm so it has to be dropped in through a hatch.
Fuel 'bladders,' will also greatly increase how long gasolinei s viable

Also, regarding Jet fuel for Monroe's drones - it lasts forever:

As far as I know, Jet fuel does not go "bad" nor varnish up like auto gas does. If the fuel is "dry" then it can be stored indefinitely. It may be a good idea from time to time to recirculate/stir the fuel in the tank/s and filter vessel. This helps take water/impurites, if any are present, to the filter to keep the fuel clean and dry.

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