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Did we even see the same movies ?
Yeah, it's called an opinion. I wish there were more TMP-like sci-fi movies, but I understand that it's unappealing to most people, so I don't make an issue of it.

2001 would be a complete disaster today, people don't have the attention span to watch a movie like that. I liked TMP, it has one of my favorite trek moments in it, the fly around the Enterprise. I thought the DE version tightened the film up a lot and that is the version of the film I really like the best.

Although, I do miss the computer voice from the theatrical release.

I thought the story telling in Into Darkness was pretty close to the original series. It had Sulu left in command, Kirk and a landing party on a mission, McCoy making some sort of serum to save a crew member, this time Kirk, it had the banter between the crew, some humor, the over reaching StarFleet (commissioner, admiral, commodore), each of the crew members had their moments to do something in the film as well.

RDM on Trek on TV vs. Film

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