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Devaluating what, the Euro? That's just the result of expansionary monetary policy and while this is certainly necessary in a recession it would not have avoided the Greek troubles.

I totally share your disgust in liberalism. You mentioned German intelligence agencies leaning to the right and as a German citizen what shocks me most is not so much the mere existence of this serious systemic problem, that the institutions which are supposed to protect democracy are anti-democratic, bur rather that it is basically accepted by everybody.
The political worldview of a liberal is liberalism vs. totalitarianism which disavows the horrors of unfettered capitalism and the fascist/authoritarian tendencies of centrist liberalism itself.

But while I am sympathetic to the 'fascism is a symptom of liberalism' notion I view the world a bit differently. Unlike you I believe that anarcho-capitalism can be moderated into social democracy. The decades after WWII and Scandinavia have shown that this is possible. Of course you can rightly, given that social democracy collapsed, whether it is stable.
So I am opposed to anarcho-capitalism as well as alternative modernities like fascism or communism which appeared on the political menu precisely because capitalism has not been moderated. Why? Because I am an empirical guy, among these four systems social democracy aka moderated capitalism has worked best. Anarcho-capitalism, fascism and communism on the other hand imply quite some horrors.

Now I am not unsympathetic to radical left wingers like yourself, while we do not share the goals we share the direction.
About Hitler and Stalin, Stalin was worse. Not so much because of the body count, if you exclude WWII deaths Stalin is worse than Hitler, if you include them it is the other way around.
No, Stalin was worse than Hitler because fascism was evil people doing evil things whereas 20th century communism was a tragedy, there was a fall, it started out as an emancipatory project and ended in a nightmare.
So I am not saying that Stalin was worse than Hitler because I am right-wing revisionist or whatever, I say that he was worse because I appreciate the potential of communism.
If you want to make communism a serious option for the 21st century you have to totally acknowledge that 20th century communism was a nightmare. But I don't see many on the radical left willing to go down that path. The few who do like Zizek are probably reviled more on the radical left than the right.

While I am an unabashed social democrat I am open to communist ideas. Perhaps 20th century social democracy was an historical anomaly, perhaps the the anti-revolutionary social democratic way of moderation is the wrong way to deal with problems that might soon overrun and overwhelm us. I frankly admit that part of being a social democrat means for me being conservative in the sense of trying to slowly change society. History has shown that after Robbespierre comes Napoleon and after Lenin comes a new Tzar, Stalin, i.e. quick, radical change does not really change society from the bottom up (This is the way I read the Stalinist purges, the party eating itself. Communism failed to change the symbolic order in the Marxian sense of not merely changing laws and rules but also non-legal stuff like everyday day so violence as a form of impotence erupted.). But perhaps climate change, resource shortages and overpopulation will be such large problems that change our societies massively anyway if we do not to anything (for the worse, think about a movie like Children of Men) that this "natural" radical changes can only be countered by a new communism.
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