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Re: Updating FJ's technical manual?

^^ Very well reasoned. When faced with certain inconsistencies I try to reach for the overall intent. One of the most obvious is the 11ft. filming model. For production reasons it was largely unfinished on one side and never seen, but obviously it was meant to represent a whole and complete construct.

Yes, there were changes in the uniforms as the seasons progressed, but the intent appears clear that they were largely meant to be the same design uniforms throughout.

We kept seeing the same interiors (often redressed) and most particularly the same corridors throughout the series, but the obvious intent was we were supposed to be seeing different interiors and different corridors throughout the ship. The angle of a particular bulkhead or ceiling or the apparent size of a given room needn't be taken literally down to the inch because film and television sets are by nature intended to represent a reality rather than definitively recreate it.

When I tackled the TOS shuttlecraft I was guided by trying to stay true to what I saw onscreen as close as possible. Yet when faced with inconsistencies and contradictions I tried to discern what MJ and the TOS creators intended or were trying to convey and use that to "paper over" the inconsistencies. Granted not everyone will agree with my conclusions and choices, but at least I made an honest effort of it.
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