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Re: 3D Software?

I started with Truespace 3.2 free .. which was good enough for a neebee (like me) and like it enough to want to try getting a package simuler and more powerfull. a number of friends use Lightwave .. well I got it and I am still getting the hang of it I have yet to build anything myself as much as I have tried

I would also like to say hello to Axemman and FourMadMen I have down load your meshes and thank you for sharing them ..
Surak and the TypeF shuttel craft respectively ..
FourMadMen your shuttle are in my first thread in the art section. there are no close ups but their in there..

At the moment I am using Axeman'S Surak Shuttle recreating the scene in STAR TREK TMP, as it approches the Enterprise bridge airlock with Spock I will post it when completed
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