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Re: Episode of the Week: 2x17 "Samaritan Snare"

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Will always have a special place in my heart, despite being pretty poor.

When this episode was first broadcast in the UK - August 1991 - I was on holiday, and my dad had this policy of always unplugging the TV/video etc if we were away for more than a few days. In other words, I couldn't record it (used to record every episode). I did get to see it on TV though.

The following week was "Up the Long Ladder" and we were back from our holiday but off on a family day trip to the beach. I set the video, but managed to cock it up and missed "Up the Long Ladder" altogether.

I know now we can all say "well, you didn't miss much" but the 11-year-old me was very disappointed. It was a long wait till Christmas, but volume #22 of the CIC-released VHS series contained... "Samaritan Snare" and "Up the Long Ladder", and was on my Christmas list! And my folks got it, I was over the moon.

Um...(dusts off nostalgia)...
I love the nostalgia! I have many memories similar to this from back in the day, what a happy childhood!

That's about all I have to say about this episode!
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