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Re: Lindelof On Eve Scene

How come when it comes to portraying both genders equally, it only boils down to how much skin we see?

JJ Abrams wrote:
"It's great to have these women in the movie and while Alice Eve's character gets down to her underwear, so does Kirk. There's equal opportunity flesh. But it's a critical thing for me that the female voice is center stage as the male voice."
And even when it comes to that, it's still not true. Kirk does not strip down to his underwear in that scene, nor in any other scene that I can recall. Could he be referring to the scene where he wakes up with the two female aliens that were in bed with him? Maybe, but it's a bad example for two reasons. First, despite showing Kirk getting out of bed, the camera stays focused on the two alien girls still laying in his bed with their underwear in plain sight. Second? It's a two to one ratio. That's not equal.
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