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Evil, along with 10th Planet and Power of the Daleks, is pretty much the least likely story to turn up, as they had the fewest overseas sales apart from Mission to the Unknown and Masterplan (which had no actual overseas sales - though Australia did get copies to look at before they rejected them, and there's some ambiguous evidence of a separate sale of Mission to Singapore).
Mission and Master Plan WERE sold to Australia; they purchased an order of 20 episodes from Galaxy 4 Episode 1 to The Daleks Master Plan Episode 12 (minus The Feast of Steven) but ultimately chose not to show them.
No, Australia didn't purchase those stories. As diankra says, the ABC were sent prints of those 20 episodes for evaluation in advance of possible purchase, and ended up purchasing Galaxy 4 and The Myth Makers but, due to censor judgments, not Mission to the Unknown or the 11-episode version of The Daleks' Master Plan. And that's why there were no other overseas sales-- other countries relied on Australia to cover the bulk of the rights clearance costs, and because they hadn't, no one else could afford those particular stories.
That's what I was about to query, whether Australia had actually bought and paid for Mission/Masterplan, as the current received wisdom is that ABC didn't, so that meant the clearances weren't done, so Worldwide couldn't sell them anywhere else - at least not at the prices the other stations could afford given their small audiences.
But it's all open to change as new evidence turns up, and I might be out of date... not had the chance to get the new edition of Wiped! for starters...
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