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Re: New Treknology Into Darkness

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Haha, I get it. You mock the movie.
Not quite. I mock the set designs a little, but anyone with eyes already did that for Abrams' last venture. Over and over throughout the movie the sets screamed "movie" and whispered "made by idiots!" This doesn't help improve the experience.

The clanging "cold fusion" sounded so grotesquely stupid it made me wince (literally.)

The first thing that really hurt suspension of disbelief were the scenes with the swimmers effortlessly swimming down. After all, a split second before they didn't even have masks on! Rendering the Nibiru sequence a kind of joke makes "Needs of the many..." a kind of punch line. In a movie that turned out to be about redoing high points ("beats") from Wrath of Khan, instead of being its own movie, that is very damaging.

The second thing that really hurt suspension of disbelief was the ship falling but people not being in free fall. The scenes really did not suggest the ship's gravity was malfunctioning. They suggested the ship was rolling, and that the downward pull was always towards the Earth, i.e., from the Earth. Whoever suggested the future was atheist clearly was talking from his ass, because only God knows why they'd leave the gravity on while they're rolling.

The rest is the usual rationalization game. Many in the thread are very entertaining, nicely done.

The scene that really raises the size issue was the one where the camera pulls back from the picture window on the bridge. It doesn't really pull back enough to diminish Kirk to a size that fits with the supposed dimensions of the ship. The inescapable (for me, at least) impression is that the picture window and Kirk are significant figures in comparison to the saucer surface. Which makes many interior scenes take place on a ship to small for the sets shown. Perhaps it seems unfair that a visual trumps the dialogue?

PS Marcus is the one talking about Section 31 and he's lying through his teeth, raising the question whether there really is such a thing.
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