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Re: Can I suggest an Art Contest?

I'm going to take Frontier's thread and co-opt it for the TrekArt forum; I hope you don't mind, Frontier .

Many times, the winners of the challenges may find themselves at a loss for ideas of what to do for the next challenge, which is normally their own choice and responsibility. Let's use this thread as a sort of "suggestion box," for legitimate ideas that anyone may use for future challenges in this forum. It's not a discussion thread, however; I don't want to see it bogged down by folks arguing about minutiae. If you have an idea, post it here, in a concise form but with as much applicable definition as you can conceive. If someone wins a challenge and is short on ideas for what to do next, they can look here and maybe find inspiration.

Please keep in mind when posting your ideas that they may not necessarily be taken up by anyone, and that someone who finds inspiration in your idea(s) may approach them differently, or even combine different ideas altogether, so if you have very specific ideas that you don't want to see altered, you may not wish to post them here.

Thanks, all, and go to it! :thumbsup:
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