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Re: One particular SPOILER from The Name of the Doctor

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Perhaps not so dramatic as ending his own life, but along the same lines...maybe this isn't about something the Doctor did. Maybe it's about something he didn't do. The Doctor helps people. Maybe John Hurt's Doctor made a decision to NOT step in like he normally would; maybe he allowed an atrocity to happen that he could have otherwise prevented.
I really like that idea. Reminds me a bit of Deep Space 9's "Hippocratic Oath" where Bashir chooses to help the Jem'hadar, although that really didn't have much to do with apathy.
I guess but the line "What I did, I did in the name of peace and sanity' suggests agency.
Yeah, it's more understandable that this action was something he chose to do. While the Valeyard and other ideas sound cool, I don't see any show runners ever having the Doctor actually become evil in some fashion, nor will the shoot the golden goose by having the Doctor's real and final death played out in any defined fashion. Redemption is something that has stood out a lot in several fashions this season. The Doctor starts in a monastery, Akhaten is about lives past and possible through the leaf, Cold War is a forgiveness tale for Saldak, Hide also for Dr Palmer, Journey explicitly brings up the Time War, and Porridge's talking about the poor bugger who blew up the galaxy to stop the cybermen. RTD's run dealt with the Doctor's survivor guilt, and I expect Moffat is going to deal with forgiveness. The Doctor expressly hoped for that in The Doctor's Wife.

Now, with a Doctor with some unforgivable sin, I expect the next story to deal with the Doctor finding personal forgiveness, most likely from the Time War. The Moment, or whatever the big bomb was called, may even have been his idea. He might have felt the war would consume all reality and he developed the bomb as a means to get the sides to stop. The didn't, he pushed the button.

The Doctor keeps being consumed with guilt, but whether he's listening to speeches from Davros or the GI, he's listening to ethical criticisms from hypocrites. Vastra has pointed out his tendency to blame himself for what he can't control. The Doctor accepts the JHDoctor had no choice in his actions, but the Doctor can't accept his having done whatever it was. I expect the story to be about the Doctor learning that he can't always control things and sometimes there's no other choice. And, he's got to forgive himself and stop blaming himself.
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