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Re: Quantum Mechanix nuUSS Enterprise model

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I would *love* one - but unfortunately, I didn't win the Powerball this weekend! Lol.

You know, looking at the Kelvin model...makes me wonder where they fit all those huge sections in Engineering that we saw...???

Not to mention 800 people...
800 people is probably possible. Engineering should be at the top where the shuttlebay is...
You know, that nacelle is so HUGE on the Kelvin, when I first saw it, I wondered if it was like the inside of the nacelle we saw in TAS, and it was supposed to contain at least part of the engine/reactor as well!

But apparently it's supposed to have two sets of warp coils, to make up for the the lack of two nacelles (which means that most fan attempts at making an TOS, TMP or nuEnterprise version of the Kelvin should have a much larger warp nacelle...)

But I wonder if it may also contain some of the warp engine, besides just the warp coils...?

Well, and it also contains that...thruster-looking thingy that activated when Kirk went to ram the Naruda. (The SFX people seem to think those work like the impulse engines or something...which makes me wonder what the need for an impulse engine too...??)
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