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I loved Scotty's outfit in the bar, myself.
It reminded me of McCoy's hilarious outfit in TMP.. the whole seen was great!
Yes! THAT'S what was running around in the back of my head! I was thinking "where have I seen this before?!"

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TMP is my second-favourite Trek movie, after TWOK. I find its slow-paced, full-sci-fi plot refreshing. You don't see much of that.
My favourite ST movie is still ST:TMP, but closely followed by ST (2009) and now by STiD.

In 1980, I was told if I'd only known TOS like other fans already did, I'd realize how awful TMP was. Still not seeing it. In 2009, I was told that it would be impossible for a fan of TMP to like ST (2009). So sue me. TMP and ST (2009) were both amazingly immersive cinema experiences.
I've never really understood people who try to tell you that you can't like a movie or television show because it doesn't fit their worldview.
I think heaven is what you make it. When I close my eyes for the final time, I hope to wake up standing in a grassy, breezy, sunlit field, a green tennis ball at my feet, and a little black lab, with a white diamond on her chest, running right towards me.
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