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Holy pyramid scheme, Batman!

Okay, so this isn't about Batman but about what I highly suspect to be yet another "get rich quick by doing nothing" scam. A buddy of mine started telling me about this new social media app called Rippln (rip-lyn) and that it is this new way of getting paid for the connections a person makes in social media. I'll let this supposedly secret NDA YouTube video (that can be found with a simple search and doesn't require a link to view) do the explaining.

Doesn't that just *scream* "pyramid scheme" to you? I told my friend that I'd have to pass and if he does end up making a ton of money I will admit that I'm wrong and feel bad about myself, but that until then I'll stick to my "too good to be true" alert and stay far away from it. All it takes is a "rippln scam" Google search to even heighten my avoidance of it. He swears it doesn't cost anything to join and therefore is not a pyramid scheme, I'll still pass.

So if anything, see this as a public service announcement to, IMO, stay the hell away from it and politely say "no thanks" if any friends try to "recruit" you as mine did.
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