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Re: Offiical XBox (3) Launch Thread

I'm not necessarily thrilled with a lot of what they did with this reveal, but I thought it was much better than Sony's. Of course I was mostly in it for COD Ghosts, and that dog <3.

At least they showed the fucking thing. I think just making it extra boxy was a good call. I'm looking at my PS3 now, and Christ what an eyesore.

PS4's reveal harped on about that fucking "share" button like nobody's business. When it comes down to it that is even more useless to me than managing my TV. At least yelling "XBOX ESPN" saves me the trouble of remembering which channel is which. I watch my cable service fairly rarely but when I do I usually end up Googling "channel name + uverse" to a)figure out if I even have that channel, and b)figure out what channel I need to turn to. Somewhat stupid? Sure, but when I needed to switch from the web live stream to the TV version because I had to hop on a GoToMeeting for work, I did exactly that, Googled "spike uverse" and kept watching. And as a huge NFL viewer maybe I'll find some use out of those features.

Both companies are pushing features that just don't matter to an old fuddy duddy like me. Chances are I'll get both anyway as a hardcore gamer with plenty of disposable income. PS4 sounds slightly more appealing on the hardware side, though they are very similar. A lot of what it comes down to for me is which console is going to run COD more smoothly. If you directly compare the PS3 versions to the Xbox 360 versions, it's obvious that the PS3 really struggles with it.

Actually the primary concern for me is whether the XIM team will be able to make a mouse adapter that works on both #NicheConcern

The DRM stuff is a little worrisome. I think the current generation had it right for the most part. Being able to plug a game into a system connected to your TV, and just being able to play is the way a console should be. But everyone is pushing towards the "software as a service" sort of model. I hear lots of people in this thread saying they will refuse to buy it, but what are you going to do in 10 years if EVERYTHING is like that? Are you really going to stick with pre-2013 content till you keel over and die? Lots of people said they'd move to another country if the presidential election didn't break their way too, but in the end they almost never actually go though with it.
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