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Re: Generations was...

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Music not your thing or do you have a preference as to a film/series score?
I enjoy the music from most of the Trek movies, especially the darker, more dramatic stuff like the Klingon theme from Trek3, 5, and FC, the Borg theme from FC, and the opening shot of Nemesis as the camera is zooming in on Romulus. The theme music to the TMP is rather thrilling (of course that theme showed up again as the theme of TNG, but I liked the TMP arrangement a little more). Trek 4, FC, and Insurrection all had beautiful opening credits themes.

As for non-Trek scores, I of course love John Williams' music for the Star Wars movies, and I have a special fondness for a track from the Empire Strikes Back soundtrack titled "Hyperspace" if I remember correctly. I haven't seen the movie Last of the Mohicans, but what I've heard of the soundtrack is gorgeous. Bicentennial Man has a wonderful soundtrack, and I love that the music from the early part of the movie (when he is still mostly a robot) sounds more synthesized and computery while the music from the latter half sound more orchestral and natural. I'm too lazy to mention others.

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...when Picard talks about enjoying every moment, because it will not come back .... that doesn't get to you?
Sorry. I hear a lot of soft notes there, but nothing that resembles a melody, except for the momentary dramatic part at the very end. But hey, I'm sure that many songs and pieces of music which sound touching or gripping to me are boring to others, so I don't want to diss something that obviously works for you.
I thought I had found everlasting joy and happiness, but when I clicked the link, it just took me to a Rick Astley video.
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