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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

I was originally thinking that maybe Seven was gonna be one of those people scooped up from those colonies in The Neutral Zone when we first met her. The ages would be... close anyways. Or maybe just a deep space ship that was randomly scooped up somehow. But yeah, her parents having heard of the Borg when Picard and Data had no clue of their existence is a little silly.

It's a good character piece on Seven, but yes... Janeway's cavalier attitude towards piracy is more than hypocritical when you go back to season 2 when she's haughtily declaring that sharing technology is morally wrong and she'll destroy Voyager rather than trade a minor peace of technology for safe passage. They could've come up with a better excuse to get Seven on a Borg Cube than that.

Though the ending is... beyond silly that they can charge into the heart of Borg territory and somehow strongarm Seven out.
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