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Biggest laughs in into darkness anyone?

For me it's kirk and Spock 'im gonna miss you' exchange

And Scotty calling Kirk a mad bastard
I agree. Those two moments consistently get the biggest laughs in the theatre. I also like the idea that both Kirk and Spock have this "promise" if you will that they will become the most important person in each others' life, but frustratingly it's not quite happening, and after the scene in Pike's office, seems futher away than ever. I imagine every now and again Kirk throws the ball to see if Spock catches it and throws it back (no pitcher/catcher jokes please, I am trying, badly, to make a point )

This first seemed very much like one of those moments, but the ball just hit Spock in the chest and landed with a thunk on the ground. LOL. It was such a cute scene and the two of them played it so well. It was also a moment where I felt the whole audience, both old fans and new, really GOT it.
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