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Re: Greg's Trek Ships and Things

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^That looks like the ship from the old Descent computer game.
I agree. Used to play Descent on the office network circa 1998.

One of my old art teachers used to say that nothing truly original is ever really created because we are a product of our environment.
Considering I still have no idea what that game is and never heard or seen it before...
Anyone remember that starship I was working on with the insane amount of detail? Guess what? It's back. After making some minor adjustments, I'm close to finishing the inside of the nacelles. The back end and the space between the warp coils are the last parts to detail up before I work on the outer hull part.

Apparently now a days when you use the word 'silly', people think its a bad word. If I wanted to call you an idiot, I would call you an idiot.
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