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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

Dark frontier

First, we see that Sevens earth parents went to study the Borg with Starfleets approval...I did not think that Starfleet knew about the Borg yet....

Nonetheless, I still do not like this episode. When did Janeway start to revel in stealing? Even with the excuse that she is tired of being attacked first. The vessel they attacked was heavily damaged and moving slowly as it regenerated. It did not pose a threat. The real allure was to steal a warp coil. When did plundering become acceptable?

Another complaint, Seven suggested the technology that her parents used in order to break in to the Borg. Seven would have known that the Borg had already assimilated that technology, making it irrelevant to Voyager's heist. I do not think it is suppose to look like Seven overlooked this, I think it is a plot flaw.

The only real part that I liked was when Seven confessed that she was attached to the crew, and considered them her new collective. I did appreciate it that this was a double episode. It seemed more like a movie than anything.

At the end, Janeway takes Seven back (with Sevens assistance). When they make it back to the ship, Voyager fires into the conduit and the Borg vessel was blown up. Why didn't Voyager go through the wreckage this time to find useful stuff?

I would have liked this whole episode a lot more had it not been instigated by Voyager trying to steal technology. If she was going to disregard her honor to get Voyager home quicker she should have taken Qs offer, which was better.
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