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Re: New Treknology Into Darkness

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Is that news to you? That's been established since Space Seed aired in 1966.
It's a bit thornier than that, although since I haven't seen the movie, I don't know what the degree of ignorance there really is.

The episode only established that cryonics went out of fashion in the early 21st century, while later episodes established they remained in fashion for interstellar applications until 2210 at least and thus the "Space Seed" thing was about interplanetary applications. This does not establish that the technology would have been "lost" somehow, or that other applications such as in medicine would not have persisted.

And the VOY reference to 2210 use indicates that Kirk's dad should have known very well what these devices were like. We have no solid proof about Kirk himself being too young to learn about them (he got an explanation in "Space Seed", but we don't know if he needed it), but apparently the dialogue in the movie suggests that Kirk and his age-mates would only have seen pictures, not the real McCoys, during their studies in the 2250s. So we have a plot need for a "window" between cryonics and advanced stasis, but the window appears to be suspiciously short for any knowledge to have been lost.
Having read the novel, it's a case of the technology being outmoded and not lost, but things get muddier when McCoy decides to stick Kirk in a cryotube instead of just using a stasis field. Now it could just be a case of "the thing is already here for me to use," but the fact that they don't even mention stasis is a bit odd. I think that stasis is mentioned in one of the Ongoing comics though, so who knows what's up.
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