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I recognize that inconsistency have always been a feature of stories. The ancient Greeks and Roman referred to continuity errors in Homer's works as Homeric nods. The issue I have with this story is not with the technology nor the visuals. I have an issue with narrative logic, character motivations, and world building.

And, I do feel that people who do have issues with this film are being attacked by those who like the film. I have seen many disparaging comments lobbed by the latter toward the former. I bear no hatred toward JJ Abrams nor those who worked with him. I think some of the blame for lower financial returns can be attributed to a marketing ploy conceived by him that backfired.

I wish JJ Abrams luck on the next Star Wars film. I hope that, for the next Star Trek film, that we will have a writer or a team of writers that can write a story that has a strong narrative logic. I don't feel it should be my job as a viewer to ask the questions that should have been asked by the writers. Also, I don't feel it should be my job as a viewer to point out flaws that should have been spotted by the writers. For instance, the distance from the Earth to the Moon. A writer should insure that real world facts are accurate, which can be done by doing a Google check.
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