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Re: X-MEN: Days Of Future Past (Casting, Rumors, Pics till release)

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I liked how naked Mystique actually makes sense for a shapeshifter. When she mimics someone, she also mimics their clothes which are themselves part of her. The alternative is to have her spending half the time knocking people out and nicking their outfits.

Having said all that, I think they cheat with this a few times in FC as I think there are a few time where her clothes change while she's supposed to be wearing actual clothes.

It would be neat if at some point they do give the classic white dress a nod, but I can't say as I miss it. I have to ask though, why a skull belt?
I don't understand why, if she can make clothes from herself when she's in disguise, she wouldn't just make clothes from herself when she's not in disguise, just so she would be, y'know, clothed, and not naked.

If she has modesty when she appears normal, why would she suddenly lose that modesty when she's blue and scaly? In fact, I think it would psychologically make more sense for her to have more modesty in her true form, rather than when she's costumed to look like someone else.
Did you see First Class? It pretty much covers all those points.

Failing that, there's her line to Kurt in X2. (paraphrasing) "If you can look like one of them, why don't you stay like it all the time?" "Because we shouldn't have to."

As for be cold. Clearly it doesn't bother her. Maybe that's part of her mutation. Hell, even as a child she was creeping around at night totally starkers. Admittedly that might have been out of necessity more than anything. It's pretty clear she was homeless and I recall in one of the films she mentions her biological parents tried to kill her, so she's most likely a runaway to boot. Indeed, this may inform her later choice to shun clothing. An act of defiance, a statement of who she is and a promise to herself to never feel ashamed.

Honestly I'm interested to see where they go with her in the next film. Watching X1-3 after having seen FC certainly puts her actions in an interesting light. I can't help but wonder ho they'll handle her transformation (no pun intended) from idealistic girl to cold blooded, borderline psychotic killer.
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The problem with her wearing clothes is, does she take off her clothes every time she has to shape shift? Are people saying the clothes should be her default look?
She can shape-shift into someone wearing clothing, why couldn't she just shape-shift the clothing? It could even be a sort of semi-organic looking thing that blends into her flesh.
She can. She just chooses not to. As stated above, it's a core part of her character and self-identity.
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