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Just remember - there are probably aspects of Trek that I love and you don't. And you're just as entitled to think what I like is crap.
I wish more people would take this to heart.
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I wish more people would take this to heart.
But if you're unwilling to have your views challenged, why post on a message board to begin with?
Challenged? Do you think this is some sort of game where we keep score of who wins and loses? A novel concept I come here on a discussion board... to discuss Star Trek.

It's a pity so many seem to be personally invested in trying to force others to adopt their opinions.
R. Star, this is at least the third thread in this forum, over the last day or so, in which you've tried to complain about some sort of active bias by which the tendering of a dissenting opinion opens one up to being personally abused or to being forced to adopt a "correct" opinion.

You're doing it wrong.

If you believe you have a legitimate and specific complaint about another poster, or that a post's content is in violation of a specific board rule, then what you should do is to make use of the "Notify moderator" button on the post in question or to contact the forum moderator by PM. What you should not do is to repeatedly air vague complaints in the middle of active threads which are about something else. This is not the appropriate forum for that, and I'd like it very much if I didn't see you do it here again.

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I wonder if Timewalkers perspective opinion holds that TMP is better than either ST09 or STID ?
Let's not wind that clock up again, shall we?
"You could win a chance to come to the premiere of Star Trek Beyond, which
will be enormous fun, because we'll all get really smashed and wreck something."
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