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I wonder if Timewalkers perspective opinion holds that TMP is better than either ST09 or STID ?
TMP is my second-favourite Trek movie, after TWOK. I find its slow-paced, full-sci-fi plot refreshing. You don't see much of that.

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Meyer does like to do his riffs
In fact, the villain in his other movie keeps quoting Shakespeare, too. Why ? No reason.

That, coupled with the silly 'mix the antimatter/spread pixiedust over the energizer' business he gave Spock to do, subtracts rather than enhances. But even there it is more than made up for with stuff like the shot of Spock's empty chair on the bridge.
I'd even venture to say that Kirk's death in Into Darkness is better foreshadowed than Spock's in TWOK. And the latter is my all-time favourite character death scene ever.
And that's my opinion.
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