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Re: Antonio Banderas will star as 'Super Mario' in movie

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Dang. I thought it was going to be a dark version of the game, like Snow Whita and the Huntsman. It would be possible for that to be done right.
A plumber against turtles... Into Darkness?

There is no way for that to be "done right".

A 3d animated film might be a possibility, but let's face it... it's a friggin' jump and run game. Nothing more. There's no big story, there's no character developent, there's nothing. Just level design.
It's a me, Antonio.

They could make it a slice of life with lonely over-the-hill plumber Mario constantly put upon by his nasty boss Bowser played by (let's say) Danny Trejo. His life changes one day when fixing a leaky pipe for the boss's poorly treated girlfriend Peach played by Melanie Griffith when her autistic son Toad responds positively to Mario's pet iguana Yoshi. Will Mario find the courage to face Bowser and win the hand of Peach?
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