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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Atavacron.
B is for Bob of the San Francisco Cetacean Institute.
C is for Conundrum, Worf takes control.
D is for Data's axial servos.
E is for escape pods. "Abandon ship!" This is the TOS Enterprise. I guess we're screwed.
F is for Ferenginar, homeworld of one of the most successful financial empires in galactic history.
G is for Garak. Elim Garak. Tailor, sometime spy. Full-time wackjob.
H is for Harry Kim's rank. Seven years on the other side of the galaxy and not one promotion in all that time.
I is for "Initiate self-destruct.... Silent countdown."
J is for Janus VI, homeworld of the Horta.
K is for Kelinda. Mmmmmm Good!!
L is for Landing Gear of Intrepid-class Federation starships.
M is for Mira Romaine. I guess Scotty was attracted to her "ample nacelles".
N is for Natira's eyeshadow.
O is for Orbital dockyards
P is for Portly Starship Captains.
Q is for Quadrant. It's a simple word that some Trek writers just can't understand.
R is for Runabouts,shuttlecraft-style, warp-capable spacecraft operated by Starfleet starting in the 2360s.
S is for Spock's Brain.
T is for Temporal incursions.
U is for UESPA.
V is for V'Ger, another old Earth space probe that mutated and went berserk.
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