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Re: I am taking command of the fleet.

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I actually think that's something Starfleet (or rather, Starfleet Medical) investigated thoroughly off-screen. I don't believe Starfleet would let Picard stay in command of the Enterprise (or in Starfleet period) if there was any chance he could revert back to Locutus.
Well if they did, though, wouldn't they spot anything left in his system that could account for his lingering contact with the collective ?
I would think so. At least anything physically.
I think any lingering doubts Starfleet may have had with Picard wasn't about whether he could become a Borg again but rather about his ability to remain cool and not become "an unstable element" if he faced them in battle again.
I watched the movie yesterday and I realised Starfleet was right. Picard almost sacrifices his crew and the future of humanity because of his vendetta. If not for Lily, he would have.
Yeah, he did have his "Captain Ahab" moment and wanted to make the Borg pay for what they done, making that his sole focus for awhile.
It could be that Borg are not monolithic and sometimes their objectives change as circumstances demand. Periodically, the Borg may have to undergo periods of heavy assimilation to increase their numbers quickly sometimes (it may take too long for baby Borg to grow up whenever they need a lot of drones).
That could make sense. As it stands, it just seems like lazy writing, and turning the borg into another culture of hats.
There could be truth to that, but it's also somewhat par for the course in Trek to add different layers to various cultures over time. Even the otherwise steadfast Vulcans were revealed to not always have been so nice during ENT. And the Klingons went from sneaky tricksters to an honor-bound warrior society.
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