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Re: New Treknology Into Darkness

I wonder if the "cold fusion" device might have been some sort of...I dunno...maybe it caused a phase change in the spacetime around the volcano...and froze it all the way down to the magma chamber...???

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Yeah, this movie had it's share of dumb Hollywood "science"...

You are forgetting how the shuttles and ships, which have shields and can survive phasers and photon torpedoes and re-entry and the corona's of stars, etc, etc, etc...can't survive the measly heat of a *volcano*!?
Real spacecraft can survive reentry too, but you probably wouldn't want to land one in the middle of an exploding volcano.

As for the corona of stars, I'm pretty sure that's something that starships and shuttlecraft CAN'T do, which is the whole reason why the 24th century "metaphasic shield" thing was such an important invention.
Well maybe not the corona - but when the TOS Enterprise sling-shotted around the Sun, it seemed to get pretty darn close.

Good point about re-entry...but still, the Enterprise itself, with shields, couldn't stand the heat?

I would have prefered some excuse about how the volcano's weird magnetic properties that messed up the transporters and sensors, also messed up the shuttles computers of something. Heat alone just seems...silly.

Then again, if the same type of shuttle could stand the radiation and magnetic fields around *Jupiter* - a volcano shoudl have been a walk in the park.

And maybe I am wrong. 23rd century Alternate Universe shuttles just may not be built for that kind of heat. (But I imagine that they have *some* sort of radiation protection...)

Then there's the "transwarp beaming" device (which I assume works like similar to TNG's "subspace transporter"...?)
No, it works EXACTLY like the transporter system Scotty and Kirk used in the first movie, which was installed in his shuttlecraft. Probably a miniaturized version cooked up by Section 31.[/QUOTE]

I mean that I think that Scotty's "Transwarp Beaming" is possibily some sort of the ultra-long-range "Subspace Transporter" that we saw in TNG, and that Ferengi Ex-Damon used to beam across light years into Picard's Ready Room.

Just saying that they may be two different names for the same technology...or two very similar technologies - like "Transwarp Drive" and "Slipstream Drive" are very similar technologies.
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