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Re: I am taking command of the fleet.

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But "telepathy" doesn't strike me as the only possibility. We know UFP medical technology cannot remove even crude, macroscopic instruments such as the Wire from a brain; it's implausible that Crusher and her team could have fully cleaned up Picard in the aftermath of "Best of Both Worlds", despite their claims. Picard's blood might still be full of undetectable nanoinstrumentation, and it might only occasionally gather up into larger-scale, detectable machines such as subspace hotlines.
That brings up a frightening prospect, though: that Picard could wake up one day as Locutus again.
I actually think that's something Starfleet (or rather, Starfleet Medical) investigated thoroughly off-screen. I don't believe Starfleet would let Picard stay in command of the Enterprise (or in Starfleet period) if there was any chance he could revert back to Locutus.

I think any lingering doubts Starfleet may have had with Picard wasn't about whether he could become a Borg again but rather about his ability to remain cool and not become "an unstable element" if he faced them in battle again.
It's unfortunate that the Borg went from "don't care about you" to "assimilate some cultures sometimes" to "always assimilates everyone" to "can't do anything except assimilating" in the span between 1988 and 2001. I thought the Borg were at their most interesting right at the cliffhanger of BOBW Part 1.
It could be that Borg are not monolithic and sometimes their objectives change as circumstances demand. Periodically, the Borg may have to undergo periods of heavy assimilation to increase their numbers quickly sometimes (it may take too long for baby Borg to grow up whenever they need a lot of drones).
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