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Re: Bates Motel seemed like it's going 2 suck, & then it didn't.(Spoil

Precisely. I like it. I was over at this little forum about the show and they brought up 2 things I can't believe I didn't notice upon viewing.

One, that Ms. Watson was wearing a "B" necklace when she was lying on the floor dead. "B" wrote the love letter to Bradley's father. Did Ms. Watson leave the dance early because she was confronted by Bradley? Some folks are pointing out, since this killing wasn't actually shown, that Norman ran out before the killer entered. He blacked out in class when he was fantasizing about the teacher being tied up. Maybe he did it again and he isn't the killer--this time. Maybe Bradley or this boyfriend on the phone in the classroom did it. Maybe. It's food for thought. I cannot believe I didn't notice the necklace.

Second--my mind went there for smidgeon of a micro second and then I dismissed it and forgot it--but some folks think the script is implying that Norma's brother is Dylan's biological father. On second thought, it isn't so farfetched and now I'm surprised I dismissed it.

Think about it. They pointed out that Dylan is 22. Norman is a senior so he's 17 going on 18? Norma had to meet Norman's father, have a relationship and be pregnant for nine months. Dylan is at most 5 years older than Norman, maybe only four and a half years older depending on when birthdays fall. He didn't seem to remember his father and makes no reference to ever having seen him. He would have been under 5 years old when Norma left him. It's plausible that he wouldn't know. Norma admits to Norman that her father would have exploded and killed her brother had he known he'd abused her. She's pregnant, scared, and there's this boy in her class named John Massett. It would be an understandable lie from a scared 16 year old girl (Norma had Dylan at 17 according to an earlier eppy) who didn't want her father to kill her brother or the public humiliation of bearing her brother's child. Perhaps she didn't know whose baby it was and this John Massett found out and left.

It makes sense considering the disparity between how she treated her older and younger sons. That's a big theory going around now. Think the show would go there? There's sexual dysfunction pretty clearly established already as a theme. Norma's twisted, but also tragic. It goes pretty far in explaining how messed up she is.

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