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FFS, I am sick and tired of never being allowed to criticize the Abrams crap without getting jumped on.
Jumped on ? What are you talking about ? I was trying to give you some advice about this movie. Perhaps you read more into my post than I intended ?

I did eventually see the first Abrams movie. And I thought it was every bit as dumb as it looked like it would be.
Well of course if you go in with a made-up mind it'll suck. Which is why my point A is there.

Abrams doesn't appear to know how to do nods.
Considering that you seem to be in the minority, I'd say he knows what he's doing. And I'd still say that even if I hated it.

I'm unsubscribing to this thread now, so don't bother flaming and trolling me.
I did nothing of the sort. How could you possibly interpret my post as trolling or flaming is beyond me.

EDIT: Gah ! Not only does she unsubscribe, ensuring that her rant can't be challenged, but I can't even PM people yet and clear thing up with her.
And that's my opinion.

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