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This is crap to the infinite power. Why can't Abrams come up with an original story? Why does he need to plagiarize (oops, "re-imagine") what far better storytellers and artists have already done?
I think you're missing out on some pretty good Trek. But you have to be A) open-minded about the movie being different than previous Trek, which is actually not a bad thing, because I hate it when things get stale and the statu quo is untouchable, which is why Vulcan's destruction is such a good idea.

And B) Learn to live with the fact that movies have mistakes and inconsistencies. I mean, I'd like nothing more than all movies and books and video games to have perfect storytelling with no errors, but guess what ? Only reality's like that, and we're still not happy with it. So I enjoy it when movies are better scripted or the people involved make extra effort to get the details right, but I'm okay with movies that aren't perfect if they are entertaining.

Of course, then I nitpick because I like to do that, but it doesn't bother me as much as it used to.

And by the way, spoiling the entire movie in text form usually sounds a lot worse than the finished product.
FFS, I am sick and tired of never being allowed to criticize the Abrams crap without getting jumped on.

I am perfectly free to criticize what I see in trailers, clips, or whatever else gets posted online. There are some things that don't require seeing the whole damn movie to know I hate it.

I did eventually see the first Abrams movie. And I thought it was every bit as dumb as it looked like it would be. As for this... it's like redoing Planet of the Apes. There was nothing wrong with the original. As for Shakespeare... I do prefer my Shakespeare as traditional as possible, but Classic Star Trek did its nods to Shakespeare quite well.

Abrams doesn't appear to know how to do nods. He takes a sledgehammer and wrecking crew and fits the pieces back together haphazardly and with a distinct lack of respect for the original material.

I'm unsubscribing to this thread now, so don't bother flaming and trolling me. Just remember - there are probably aspects of Trek that I love and you don't. And you're just as entitled to think what I like is crap.
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