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Re: First World Problems

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not, TNZ is a miscellaneous folder where the rules about what you can and can't say are looser than the rest of the board. The place to go for more passionate conversations about politics, religion and all manner of other controversial topics. (Disclaimer: I've spent very little time there. Not my style.)
Thanks for not playing a game -I'm a bit burnt. BTW, I had never heard of Chordoma and I spent some time today reading about it and discussing it with a friend -Thanks Tora
Thanks for checking out my chordoma info. I'm not surprised you'd never heard of it -- my internist basically said, "You've got a what? How do you spell that?" If I can interest you in donating to the Chordoma Foundation, let me know. Every tiny bit helps!

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There have been rules or rumours (never was sure) about talking about TNZ on other parts of the board which is why you usually will get a few not-straight answers.
More rumor than rule. I happened to ask one of the mods about it recently, because I'd heard the rumor too, but I'd seen him (don't remember who it was now) referring to something that was said in TNZ. Anyway, my understanding is that we're just not supposed to continue conversations from there elsewhere, not that we can't even mention it.

Now, the reason I came back to this thread after a month...

I got a brochure for Shore Leave in the mail the other day. I've only gone once, even though it's only a half hour from my house. This year, Shatner and Spiner are both on the program. Cool, I think I'll go! And then I looked at the date... The only weekend in the foreseeable future that I have an obligation, an important family event out of state.

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