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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

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No, I meant why, and I was referring to the X-Wing itself. Specifically, if this is the only X-Wing on the shelves (and I really have no clue if it is or isn't), why would they make the Red 3 version instead of Red 5?

A related question to your answer though, if they're releasing the Biggs figure, are they also going to release R2-Q2 in that line?
I guess Hasbro just got a bug up its butt and wanted to do Biggs' X-Wing after all these years. I think part of it had to do with the plan for the brand new Biggs action figure that was in the works as early as the planning stages for the now-cancelled Droid Factory figure line and they thought it might be cool to get the new Biggs and buy his X-Wing from the original movie at roughly the same time. So they just took the most recent X-Wing mold, painted it up in Biggs-specific colors and there you have it: "new" fighter and in an awesome retro box that takes you back to 1979 if you were alive then and old enough to collect and play with the original toys.

As per R2-Q2, there are no plans to make him at present. We got Red Leader's astromech (R2-X2) back during the 2009-10 Legacy Collection line as well as a few years earlier in one of the online-exclusive astromech droid multipacks, but they've never done Biggs' droid as far as I can recall.

What do you guys think of the new "Mission Series" figures? I think I can predict what most of you will say based on past discussions of reduced-articulation figures, but I'm curious as to your takes on the new Saga Legends packaging and the choices of characters in these sets.
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