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Re: Post here if you actually loved this movie!! SPOILERS!!!! -

Matt S wrote: View Post
Am I the only one thinking I came out of a kickbutt, awesome film?

I think we need a positive thread section cause all the old trek nerds are going NUTS with their nerd rage

I really thought it was well done in almost every way - actually could have used a little more from the villian storyline

Can some not enjoy this on its own merits, without having to constantly rate it with the other movies?
I'm going to close this now because:

A) It's really not necessary to have a thread set aside for only those who actually loved the movie.

B) Such a thread is not entirely unlike thumbing one's nose at those who do not share your actual love of the movie.

C) The passage which I've placed in bold above not only makes it clear that the thread is intended in part as a none-too-polite gesture in the direction of those who do not actually love the movie as much as you, but it has additionally had the effect of causing their unhappiness at being the object of such a gesture to spill out into other threads (and the secondary effect of causing the mod staff headaches. )

D) Haven't I asked everyone many times before to make discussion about the movie and not about other posters? Seriously, it's just not that hard to avoid making things personal and to avoid taking things personally.

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