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Re: Offiical XBox (3) Launch Thread

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Wow.. That's a game changer if true. What gets me is that if Microsoft is doing it, then Sony is likely to do something similar... For one to take this step without the other Woukd be suicide. To tie a game to a single account on a console. If youre a consumer, why would you buy a game with no resell value if you have an alternative? If you're a developer, why would you make games for a system that will cut you out of any secondary markets, especially if there's an alternative that will protect your software from that? Sony and Microsoft more than likely will make this move in lock step.

I have a big family. I buy a game and there are likely to be 3-4 people play the game in my household alone. To pay an extra fee for each kid is unacceptable... but there's probably no alternative in the next gen.
I suspect that unless you have multiple machines it won't be a problem. Plenty of DLC works with other users once it has been download onto the HD of the machine. So it might be more of a case that a bit like some PC games you have to enter a code that ties it to the console rather than the user?

Developers don't benefit from the used games market. They earn their money from the first sale market. So from a developers point of view might it not mean more revenue?

And by having to enter a code could help fight piracy of games, on which the developers can lose a signifigant amount of money.
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