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Re: Novels based on the movie cast.

Well, this is a bittersweet visit. I was eventually going to ask very specifically about the points that Christopher and David have already addressed. I'm glad to know this, so that I can adjust my expectations. I'm still very sad to hear about it. The contradictions wouldn't have put me off, BTW, whether they were released before or after STiD. I'm the sort of person who chased down The Final Reflection and Diane Duane's Romulan books because they offer an alternative look into Star Trek's universe, so even though these books would have been an alternative version of what is already an alternative timeline, I wouldn't have found it confusing, just interesting variations that are fun to experience. I was going to buy all of them back then, and I still would buy them today. It's kind of a shame, given that I would have bought them, and I ultimately didn't end up buying any of the books that were printed instead...I think the only brand new ST book I bought was the second DTI book Christopher wrote.

I'll still be interested in buying new books they decide to commision for the JJ Abrams continuity, but I'm not going to get excited about any announcements, or cover art, until I see the #$%!g things actually sitting on the bookshelf of my local bookstore.

And yeah, what Therin of Andor is saying sums it up; the Myriad Universes volumes justifies publishing those books anyway. I've not bought any of the other Myriad Universe books, but one that shows a version of JJ Abram's ST continuity is one I would happily buy.

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